Monday, September 28, 2009

Alot has gone on since the last blog!

Alot has gone on since the last blog! Got married to Mary Floyd, a wonderful gal and definitely a gift from God! We got married in Las Vegas on 7.7.07. There was about 38,000 others that got married throughout Las Vegas. It was hot! 116 degrees. Got down to almost 100 when the sun went down. We stayed at the Golden Nugget and had a great time swimming relaxing and playing blackjack and slots. The pool was great with the hot weather. There was a shark tank coming out of the center of the pool with up to 8-10' sharks and other species.

As soon as we returned to Lubbock, Mary got a call and was offered a promotion as the Asst. Mgr. of the JCPenneys store in Farmington, NM. After 18 months in Farmington Mary was promoted to the store manager for the McAlester, Oklahoma store where we have been since June of 2009. Fortunately my work is all done over the internet so as long as I have broadband, I am in business regardless of where we live.

Best regards to all and God Bless!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jimmmr's Slide Show

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fellowship Riders Angel Tree Toy Run

Had a great time today. Went on the Fellowship Riders Angel Tree Toy Run delivering toys to kids who has a parent in prison. I have posted pics on our fellowship Riders site. (I'm their webmaster also;) It was a great time and a great way to give. All the thanks for doing this was seen in the eyes of the children. Praise God! Great bunch of guys and gals I get to ride with! About 30-50 of us ride to dinner every friday night whether we need to or not.

To get to the pictures just click on the photo and when you get to the website, just click on the "PHOTOS" link on the top menu bar

Also here is an email card I sent out to friends and family.
Merry Christmas!

Jim and Mary in Lubbock

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pretty Cool for a southern NM & TX boy!

This is kind of new for me. Not used to seeing snow especially with the Lubbock wind. Made some neat drifts. Guess there will be no bike riding today! Stayed in the teens most of the day. Had a great Thanksgiving, two of Mary's daughters (Marissa and her husband, Jason, and 3yr old son Kobe from Odessa, and Jessica from Dallas) came and celebrated it with us. Lots of good food. Too much in fact. Guess thats all part of Thanksgiving. Plan to put up Xmas lights as soon as the weather clears for a long enough period. I am not very good with cold weather!

New pics of the Valkyrie with some new shiny bits!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cori & Josh visit Lubbock!

It was great to see and spend time with my son and daughter. We had a good time by Lubbock standards. Not much to do but did alot of visiting. As you can see we did get by the Buddy Holly museum. Hard to believe he was only 22 when he died. Took some time to go to get our pics taken also as you can see on the right.

Put them back on the plane last Sunday. Mary and I are already looking forward to their next visit!

Click on the picture on the right to see some pics Cori and I took.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Big Bend National Park

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We had a great ride to the Big Bend National Park and back. We left on Friday at 8AM and got down to Terlingua just outside the park at about 7PM. Weather was great.

On Saturday, the following day we rode throughout the entire park. Wow, those are some big mountains, cliffs and rocks!

We saw several views of the Rio Grand River and the border between US and Mexico. Don't need a wall in alot of the sections down there. 1500-2000 ft cliffs should do the trick along some of the border. We should get a tax rebate for some of that. Rough but beautiful country. Lots of twisty roads which was fun on the bike.

We decided to tent camp and carried it all with us. It was a blast. We let the restaurants provide the chow though. Our group has a long suit in eating in restaurants.

The Valkyrie 1500 did a great job on the trip. Makes the road alot easier. When the Harleys and the other VTwins were downshifting going up some 15degree plus grades the Valk just climbed them in 5th gear without the need to even downshift. Wow what a bike.

After all day touring the park, we returned to Terlingua and our camp. Got some rest that night! The next morning we broke camp and headed back to a couple of spots in the park we didn't want to miss. We then followed the Rio Grand to Presidio, Texas on what is called the Texas Mountain Trail. At Presidio we headed north to Alpine where we set up camp. It rained on us that night but the tents stayed dry. On Sunday am we broke camp and headed back to Lubbock. Got home around 3pm, ready for a shower and a nap ;) Odometer showed the entire trip to be just over 1000 miles.

All in all it was a great ride that will be well remembered. Good food, good roads, good fellowship.

Until next time you can check out more of the pictures of the trip by clicking on the picture above.